Delete sensor property


I’m using Vera Edge with a bunch of MySensors based sensors. All went fine until I decided that an EasyIoT should join the network on the same channel while trying to pass some sensor values to others. Anyway, I started to see strange values in the sensors values charts (eg. 1mil Celsius degrees) and started to see sensor properties that should not be there, eg. two nodes with humidity sensors now display the power usage in watts. Other sensors display various battery status values while no battery status should be displayed on the sensors but on the node devices only.
Let’s just say that it’s going to be really messy add the sensors once again since I have a Cacti instance pulling the sensor values and building charts, so the easiest thing to do would be to able to delete those sensor properties that should not be there. I went through the LuuP requests wiki page but found no reference on how to delete a property field of a given sensors.

Is there a way?

Have you tried restoring a back up from befor the trouble started? Other wise you might have better luck asking in the MySensor community.

Thanks, I’ll try my luck there. I’m not comfortable just restoring a backup. I’d like to fix the issue rather than making it go away.

There is no easy way to delete a property.

You can delete the Device and re-create it.
You can restore a backup as indicated earlier.

You can edit the user_data.json file stored on Vera. NOTE: This is complicated … requires that you shutdown Vera … uncompress the file … edit the file … It’s a big file with very specific NON-PEOPLE-FRIENDLY format. Save the original … because if you screw it up your Vera will not startup! Recompress the file and then start Vera.

Note, when you do a restore you are basically restoring the user_data.json file.

Thanks Richard, I was zeroing in on that file as well but found no lzop utility to take a look inside, however pluto-lzo did the job. I never seen such an ugly way of storing data. Nothing is structured, everything’s on a single line… Anyway, I was extra careful to delete only what was required and not mess up the delimiters and I managed to delete those properties. It’s good to know that it can be done, although not in the most elegant way.