delete all devices? /automatic creation has created 1000 devices...

Hi! How can i delete all rfxtrx devices? i have automatic creation to on and now has 1000+ devices. I don?t want to remove the zwave ones but all 433rfxtrx can be removed. I have tryed to use manage devices and delete selected devices, but they don?t disapear…most likly for the huge amount of devices. So is there any file that i can delete or something to get rid of all at once?

If you delete the plugin, it should take all the child devices with it.

I can’t figure out how I delete the luup files. I would appreciate if someone could help me.

No need to delete any files… just the plugin device.

I tryed to delete the RFXtrx controller device, but no other rfx devices disappeared…Any ideas?

Uninstall the ap which created the RFX device.

Thanks! I tried a second time to remove the controller device and now I managed to get rid of them! You can guess how much faster the vera is now without 1000+ devices :slight_smile: thanks!