Delayed response times on scenes and triggers and WeMo issues

I am having a good 2-3 min delay on scenes. I have a door sensor that is set to take a photo and alert me via sms. It is now taking 2-3 minutes until I get the notification.

Also, I have a WeMo motion sensor. It seems like it will work on reboot but after a bit doesn’t fire the scene (when motion occurs turn on the Zwave light). No lua errors in the ui (5) and I don’t see the error in the scene itself.

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Have you examined the logs? There are a lot of opportunities for delay in your scenario. Z-Wave trigger -> Vera Scene -> WiFi camera upload to Vera -> Vera image upload to MCV -> MCV upload to SMS provider…

You need to look at the log and see when Vera gets the alert form the door sensor. I suspect it will be immediate, but if not it is likely a routing issue.

Then you need to see if the scene runs immediately after receiving the trigger. If not there may be a problem with your Vera or if you added Lua code, your code.

After that you need to see when the alert goes out. If the delay is between when it goes out and when you receive it, then the issue lies in your SMS system.

Also, determine the size of the image that you are sending. A multimegapixel image will be slow to upload and send via SMS. The image you are sending should probably not exceed 300KB

What is the method to view the logs?

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Thanks. I am in the logs but lol I can’t read what everything is doing.

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I did a backup and factory reset and restore. No change. Will open a ticket as I am stumped.

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