delayed qwikset notifications


Been living with the Qwikset locks as part of my vera setup for a little over two months now and I cant say I’m happy. While they open and close as part of vera scenes, my main gripe is the delay in notifications.

There have been a handful of times where notifications coming from the locks opening or closing have been seriously delayed (by hours). Today was good example where I rec’d notification of me opening the back door was delayed by at least an hour. Certainly made me uneasy to get a notification on my phone that the lock had JUST been unlocked when I’m an hour away from the home.

Going into the notification on Vera shows the time as current. Meaning, even though I unlocked the back door an hour ago, the notification in the log is showing as right now (an hour after the event occurred). This has happend with BOTH of my Qwikset locks now.

Does anybody else have issues with this?