Delayed Notifications - Vera Secure

Is anyone having delayed notifications with their Vera Controllers? I have a Secure and I’m getting the notifications 30 to 45 mins after the triggered event.

FYI - I did a restart snd that didn’t help.

Hello @DRagu

We’ll verify and get back to you as soon as possible.

We tried to replicate the issue, but we were not successful in doing so, we’ll create a ticket to further investigate.

Same here with the Vera. I don’t mind since I get the notification instantly from HA, but it is annoying to receive the same message again later from Vera from the same sensor integrated to the Vera. So it must be a cloud issue.

Same here. I had this problem this past weekend. I have a notification set up if I leave a door open for more than 5 minutes. I was getting notifications every 30 seconds (not the expected behavior) an hour after the door was closed.

I’ve been having delayed and missing notifications for many weeks now. It seems to only be getting worse. The past 2 days the majority of my notifications just never arrive at all.

Notifications don’t only seem to be delayed, some don’t even appear to be getting uploaded. I have a bunch in ‘waiting to upload’

This was due to a server-side issue that was taken care of yesterday. Notifications should be working ok now as far as DevOps informed us yesterday.

DevOps needs to take another look. This is not at all resolved.

There appears to be progress. Push notifications began working again after I opened the vera app on my phone. They weren’t working from my wife so I had her open the app as well and the began working for her.

Are the Vera notifications the only thing you have? I have text messaging as well. So I’m not sure mine is fixed

Can you tell me if the water sensor alerts were fixed as well?