delayed motion detection on Vera Edge

I upgraded from Lite to Edge. Since then, my zwave motion sensors are delayed in response (5 to 10 seconds). I have an Ecolink PIR and an Everspring SP103 motion sensor . Are there parameters that I can update to improve response time? I updated polling frequency multiple times. I tried increasing polling to 2 seconds as well as 30 mins. they were working very good ( max 2 seconds response) when I was on UI5 Vera Lite. Help.

Hmmm. Delay in motion sensing… This sure is a popular subject. Here are a few thoughts;

  1. Disable ERGY; it is rumored to slow down your Vera
  2. Make sure your Vera is high up or has an external antenna. Routing your motion sensors through a “repeater” might slow things down
  3. I had to replace my Veralite with a Vera3 to get reasonable response times; YMMV with an Edge
  4. I disabled the other three sensors in my 4-in-1s. I tried every motion sensor made; none are “perfect”

Definitely a popular topic. I’ve read a lot of the posts. But I haven’t seen any posts that are Vera Edge UI7 specific.

  1. I don’t have the ERGY plugin enabled. It’s not even installed.
  2. I installed an external antenna on my Edge and it’s located on the top floor.
  3. from a specs perspective, I believe that the Edge has equivalent memory as Break, which seems to be the most important factor
  4. the Ecolink one seems to be better than my Everspring one, but still noticeably slow.

I was hoping that there were parameters that could be adjusted