Delay between devices

I want to put a delay between devices in my scene.
Ex: light up 5 lamps, with a 2 secondes between lamp.
how do that?


It’s a little trick but you start with a Scene with just the one light.

Then you click on the button next to the Scene name … it says Immediate … You want to manage delays.
On the bottom add 2 seconds … 4 seconds … 6 Seconds … 8 Seconds then close.
Now that menu that said immediate will have 5 entries. Click on the 2 second … then select the appropriate lamp(s).
Click on the 4 seconds … then select the appropriate lamp(s) etc …

Exactly that I need.
Thanks you!

would you happen to have a LUUP code to create a delay betwwen devices. for example, I want my gate lock to lock 30 seconds after I lock my front door lock. I want to creat a Scene where I lock my front door and want a 30 second delay for my gate lock, to close.


an easy way is to create a scene triggered by your locking your front door. In that scene, select immediate, manage delays. Create a delay equal to 30seconds. On that delay, select your gate lock to close.

Hi and thanks for your fast reply, that is what I have been doing, but it seems as if Vera doesn’t save the delay and it always locks the gate as soon as I lock my front door, any ideas??

Someone might just think/say why not open the lock manually?? Well, the thing is that the Gate Lock is enclosed/locked in a metal box so no one can open it manually and getting in. I have a wall switch in the house that locks & unlocks it, and also because the wife hates using her phone for automation purposes. I just made the switch from X-10 to Vera and she always gave me hell as to how X-10 sucked, so I need to prove to her that Z-wave is the way, I?m tired of sleeping in the dog house ha ha ha .

Thanks again.

Make sure you put the Gate Lock event into the right page. If you added a 30sec delay, you should see it in the panel (as attached). Select that delay and go to your lock at make sure it is Locked in the panel. Go back to the Immediate and make sure you “X” out the device as to prevent it from actuating Immediately.

Oh I see, ok, I’ll give it a shot, thanks again.