Defaults when adding new device

For most of us who are adding many similar devices, it would be great if UI5 could at least add standard notifications by default.
Since if doesnt email by default, it would be perfect, and users who dont want them can just remove it.
Right now I have 12 door/window sensors and Im gonna get carpel setting all this up.

Also a way to clone a device would be great, as with most devices the standard notifications are needed

Also the names of the devices could be set in numerical order (add device# as suffix) so we know which one we added in order

The default setup and the one in forums was entirely different from what CS gave me, and then something else worked. Why so much disparity in the ‘how to’

Once we get things working, its a nice to have but until then so much hurt

you could make a scene and put all sensors in it and have this scene notify you or use veralerts from richard.
cloning a device is pointless so is ranting…
you could name the devices starting with the devicenumber so it will display in numerical order.

I’d rather not have notifications on as default. I do not use the service as well as many others. It is better to have to enable it separately. But than again you can’t please everyone.

  • Garrett

makes me think of the first time i used vera and found out i got a dozen of sms and email by tripping all sensors. surely works to get you agitated hehe

Nobody asked me how I wanted it. :cry:

i told them but they wouldn’t listen :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

To each his own, i dont mind getting a zillion alerts, at least I know it works. They can be filtered and tucked away

There could be a default flag in our profile or whatever that enables/disables all possible auto notifications

Anyway, this is a one time thingy, so no biggie.

So here’s my problem: I added all my sensors (I dont have light devices yet), went to making adding a scene, and I cant do much.
All my devices are added, and shaded, and I cant remove or add or click or so anything …i hovered ‘massagingly’ over each device still nothing.
I have read documents/help/forums
I tried IE/FF
I just noticed that just one of my many sensors has a blue button on top left, but it too does nothing…whats the significance of that ?
I had to add this under this topic as Da_JoJo suggested above that I add a scene to control many sensors in one shot instead of adding notifications on each one.

Thanks in advance !

@Z-Waver, @Da_JoJo
What are your preferences ?

I be glad to send them to the MCV write-only database.

Class level settings would be nice!

@RichardTSchaefer - You are very kind. I find the present defaults sane enough and have never had any problem changing what I needed to change. As @garrettwp stated, I’d rather have them off, as they are. I rarely setup alerts on a particular motion/door sensor, but when I do… I prefer Vera Alerts.

I was just teasing about @rojadicasa’s rant.

@rojadicasa - The door and window sensors can’t do anything themselves, so the only thing your scene will be able to do at this point in time is send an alert. Start by configuring an alert contact. Then setup the scene and add your motion sensors to the trigger tab. Then check the box for the notification when the sensor is tripped. Later when you add an actionable device, you can also have the scene do something with the device like turning on the light.

my preference would also be your veralerts app richard, works great and im totaly happy with it.
… so tell the mcv folks that they use your addons as standard :smiley:
now that you mention it… it would be nice to have the alarm class and the other classes do a different job. like alarm would trigger the sirene and the basic class would trigger only flash and water and gas alerts … that be great.
@rojadicasa you have to make one scene that does what you want the sensors to do for a job. then add the sensors as a trigger to trigger the scene.