deadbolt and/or lever/knob?

I’m thinking of switching to a z-wave lock for my front door. The door has both a deadbolt and a knob lock. What do you typically do in this situation?

If I replace the deadbolt only, there’s always a chance that someone will lock the knob lock on the way out and not be able to get back in except with a key if they twist the knob lock.

If I replace the knob only, I don’t have the security of the deadbolt. And if I get home while everyone is asleep and they’ve set the deadbolt, I need to wake them up or carry the key.

If I replace both knob and deadbolt, I need to enter a code twice. This is sort of similar to what I have now with 2 keys, but it seems kind of ugly.

None of these seem attractive. What am I missing?

I find the ZWave deadbolts (Schlage & Kwikset) to be better than the door handles (Kwikset).

Consider replacing the handle door (knob) with a no-lock version, and only a deadbolt.
Maybe add a sliding physical latch inside if you want some non-digital security.

The Z-Wave door-handle interior portion is tall, and tends to not fit if a deadbolt sits above it.

Two options; get a zwave deadbolt and a no locking handle, or get a kwikset handle and carry a key. At least with a kwikset both the bottoms lock and the top lock can use the same key easily, so you only have to carry one.

One of the reasons I upgraded my lock set was because I got locked out of the house (accidentally) by someone doing work in my home. Now anyone doing work in my home can only lock my deadbolt with a code that I give them, which can only operate during the appropriate time for them to be there. Much safer than handing a key out,

It looks a little wonky, but I installed a Kwikset lever set with the interior upside-down.
This allowed it to fit underneath the existing deadbolt.

It’s not great – the battery pack wants to fall out when you slam the door, but with some creative shims and tape, it works.

The operation of the door handle is a little unexpected. The Z-Wave controls the motorized twist-knob lock. The interior door handle Always opens the door. The exterior does or does not open, depending on the position of the lock knob.

The Schlage deadbolt has a really odd key system, not a joy to use. If you think you will use the mechanical key often, the Schlage is probably not for you.

The Kwikset deadbolt seems like the best, since it has motorized extend/retract. It’s likely to go through batteries faster too.

They can all be easily ‘locked’ from outside with no code – a feature that quickly becomes indispensable.

i would not consider any scenario that requires a key, once you go keyless youll never go back, it’s a joy!