Dead Leviton Fan Control - Help!

One of my leviton fan control switches randomly died today. I found the fan off when it was supposed to be on. So I hit the air gap on the switch to reboot it. Fan still wouldn’t come on. I hit the air gap switch again and left it without power for a good 15 minutes this time. When I switched it back on… now low speed and medium speed work locally… but when switched to high speed the fan just turns off.

I then factory reset the switch and it still acts the same way.

The big problem is…

Now it will not respond to zwave commands and it has a red configure gear in vera. So I think it is creating network problems.

I want to remove the switch from vera so it cannot cause network problems (the network should already be removed from the switch side by doing the factory reset). I tried the “permanantly remove dead node” button but the device is still there and vera is still trying to communicate with it. How can I get rid of this node from vera!?

“permanantly remove dead node” only works if the node really is off the network – the Zwave module will try to find it first. You need to do an exclude (ie hold the dongle button until it blinks fast and activate the node).


I was going to do exactly that… but…

Remember… my current dongle has no include/exclude button, is there anything else I can do? Probably not… ???

I guess I’ll have to backup my dongle… swap dongles… reflash the old dongle… exclude that node… backup that old dongle… swap to the new dongle… and then reflash that dongle.

Ouch… every time I swap dongles I have to setup all of my scenes from scratch again. I was trying to avoid that.

Are there any commands you can send to the dongle if you connect to my vera to get that node off of my network without me doing all of that work?