Dead Ezlo Secure?

I regularly reboot my hub once a week to avoid issues. I rebooted it today as usually by pressing the reset button 3 time. It started to go through its reboot cycle as indicated by the led colors and then stopped. The led is off. It looks like it doesn’t have power although it is plugged in and the battery is good.

The Vera mobile app says it is offline. The MiOS page can’t connect to it. I’m very nervous that I might have a brick now.

Please help.

Hello @chuckf2 ,

Pressing the Reset button three times quickly will actually power the controller off. You can press the Speaker button for 12+ seconds to soft reboot the controller or press and hold the reset button for 3 seconds to perform a reboot (2-5 seconds). If you press and hold the Speaker button for 12+ seconds, the controller will likely come back up.

Ezlo Secure - Reset Button & LED behavior guide.pdf (551.4 KB)


Thank you so much. I confused the number of presses with the number of seconds to wait. Holding the speaker button did turn it back on and I’m back in business.

Thank you again.

No problem! @chuckf2
Always happy to help.