Deactivating Scene Button LEDs / Cooper RFWC5

I have a cooper 5 button scene controller, each button triggering different scenes in Veralite. Is there a way I can get activated scene buttons to deactivate when pressing a different button to trigger another scene?

After further investigation, I’m not sure my Cooper RFWC5 is completely recognized properly by my Veralite. I can configure scenes that properly trigger when the assigned button is pressed, but the ‘Scenes’ tab on the device in Vera appears grayed out where the settings to control the LED behavior would be.

Shouldn’t the scene button’s LED deactivate when the scene elements are no longer set to the proper values?

That same line is greyed out on mine as well.

The led control I believe will only work with leviton scene controllers.

  • Garrett

Not that this really helps, but I have the same scene controller, and it behaves as yours does. I use it to run 5 scenes, but pressing a button “off” doesn’t do anything except turn the led off. Unless something has changed in the last year or so, VeraLite would only recognize a button being turned on, but not off. Not ideal, but good enough for my use.