I have several exterior roll shutters installed, two of which use “dumb” 4-wire AC motors, and two which use “dumb” 2-wire DC motors. I would like to add Z-Wave control to the AC and DC motors. I also want to run the Z-Wave controllers in conjunction with wall switches.

I am looking at the Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 (FGRN-222) for the AC motors and either the DC1-ZW or DBMZ for the DC motors.

The Fibaro unit appears to provide a native connection for a wall switch, and I like the compact size of the unit, so I think that I will be good on the planning for the AC motors.

But, it looks like neither the DC1-ZW or DBMZ make provision for a wall switch. I know that it has been suggested that a SPDT wall switch might be connected to the contacts for the UP and Down buttons (on the side of the DC1-ZW or DBMZ) by soldering directly to the PCB. I have not seen inside the case of the DC1-ZW or DBMZ, so I do not know how feasible this might be, given the type of contacts, physical layout, access, strain relief, etc.

I had earlier contemplated just running a simple DPDT rocker wall switch wired as a manual H-bridge in parallel with the DC Z-Wave controller, but in theory that could place voltage over the output contacts of the controller and act like a backfeed and potentially damage the controller. I suspect that the both DC controllers have proper isolation circuitry, but you never know.

Does anyone know of any dealers or retail sources that sell the Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 or the DC1-ZW or DBMZ? I have been informed by Fibaro USA that they will be releasing US prcing and taking US pre-orders in a couple of weeks. I have also found the DC1-ZW on Amazon for $110.00.

Also, does anyone have a preference for either of the two DC controllers, DC1-ZW or DBMZ? It seems that the DC1-ZW might be slightly smaller but not enough to really matter. The input and output contacts are located in different places on the two units, but I can make either work. Are there functional differences? Does anyone know of any other DC controllers? I have found the TZ08U by TKB Control System and the PAN08-2 by Philio Technology, but both of these appear to be AC controllers.

Lastly, does anyone have any thoughts or recommendations on using the DC controllers in conjunction with a wall switch?

Thanks for any information.

RS Scene Automation responded immediately to my inquiry and has kindly offered to modify two DC1-ZW controllers with pigtails instead of button switches on the side. That works great for me. I would recommend RS Scene Automation on service alone.

So, my solution is to go with two modified DC1-ZW controllers for the DC motors and two Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 (FGRN-222) controllers for the AC motors.

Does anyone know about Fibaro?s schedule for US sales or any other source for the Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 (FGRN-222) controllers?

I received my custom modified DC1-ZW units today. Instead of just including pigtails, Kendall Russell at RS Scene Automation was kind enough to fabricate new headers for the external UP and Down switches. This provides great strain relief, stability, and easy connection, while still maintaining the existing Up and Down buttons on the case. It is a great solution and was suggested by Kendall. I have included some pictures. Kendall at RS Scene Automation made the custom modifications and shipped the units all on the same day. I highly recommend RS Scene Automation.

Do you have a functional email address for RS Scene? All the addresses I can find NDR.

For a US version of the Fibaro Roller Shutter 2, send an email to EUROX10.COM

I send them an email this summer and I asked if it was possible to have the US version instead of the EU. They send a request to Fibaro and one month later, I received my 4 Fibaro US model.

They are very nice! And answer very quickly.