Dayornight not switching at the right times

I have the dayornight plug in installed and noticed it wasn’t switching day to night at the right times. I set up a notification so I could track it and found its switching to daytime at 1am and night time at 1pm.

Do you know of this is normal behaviour, to just switch every 12 hours? I know I can create a time offset but I thought it was supposed to use your location to determine sunrise and sunset.

Am I supposed to set something somewhere else so it’ll switch at the right times?

You need to make sure your Vera is setup for the correct Location and TimeZone.

See Settings (Setup for UI5) than Location.

I did consider that. I don’t have anything to specify an actual location other than the time zone. Which is correct. I’m in the central time zone.

Coincidentally, my weather app doesn’t work either and is giving me a location error. Possibly the same cause. See picture for my location settings.

That same page should ask you for your City and allow you to enter the Lat/Long.
It might only work properly if you access it locally … or you might try another browser.

On UI7 it sometimes takes a while for that part of the page to show up.

And yes this is why the Weather Underground plugin will not initialize properly.

I thought I’d seen those selections from a screenshot on another post. It was an older post so I thought maybe the UI had just changed. I’m using UI5. You’re saying city and lat-long should be options on my locations tab?? They’ve never been there. :frowning:

I’ll try some different browsers, and on the local lan and see if they show up.

Nope. Tried IE, and chrome. Not there on either one.

Then I would call (Better than email) support and tell them you do not have any way to set the location.
If you are going to do this from work …

go to Account → Tech Support
Enable Tech Access.

You may want to submit a ticket there as well. But I would follow up with a phone call … They respond faster to phone calls.

Will do! Thanks for the help. I’ll report back with the outcome.

So I finally got around to posting my results… It’s fixed!

I called tech support and after a long phone call (40 mins!), and a call back, they were able to fix it. It was def related to the missing city drop down. And I’m not sure what they did to fix it because they did everything remotely. Now I have the city drop down with the correct city showing. I also had to give them the lat and long. Maybe they had to manually enter it somewhere.

Now that it’s all entered, the weather ug app and day or night are both working like they’re supposed to!

Thanks for the help!