Daylight Saving

Can anyone tell me exactly what time of day Vera checks for and implements daylight saving time? 0200? 0300?

Your answer depends on where you are in the world, so I’ll show you how to work it out for yourself.

The underlying operating system’s runtime (uClibc) will use whatever is in your Vera’s /etc/TZ file. Mine has:


Here is the explanation of the string format (find the entry for TZ at the bottom). In my case, the DST-off rule has “/3”, which means that DST ends at 3 am, daylight saving time. The default, if there is no slash in the rule, is 2 am.

That said, the MiOS layer on top of the OS has known issues with daylight saving. I think that scenes that have delays will fire an hour early, or late, if their delay straddles the transition (depending on how you define “early” and “late”). Plugins that do things at a certain time will get it wrong, because they are relying on an API that can’t supply the necessary information (this is Lua’s fault, not MiOS’s). But everything sorts itself out if left alone and only the transition day gets this weirdness.

Thanks futzle - helpful as ever! :slight_smile: