Day or Night - How to Set Offset?

This is a silly question but I can’t find the answer. Where do I set the offset for the Day or Night app in UI7?

Did you check under settings ?

I couldn’t get the day night app to work so followed instructions years ago to just add this text into the lupp section # return luup.is_night()

Hi Richard,

I get this error message under settings:

Error executing function daytime_Settings(): daytime_Settings is not a function

I am running app version 3.8, Vera Firmware 1.7.1786.


I just reinstalled the app and got the same error in the settings tab.

Ok - Once I realized it was the setting tab I power cycled the Vera Plus and everything looks good! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction Richard.

ooops. I thought I was all set. I enter the offset in HH:MM:SS format, hit Back, go to check in settings and the value reverts back to undefined. I must be doing something wrong.

I have the same problem, has it been solved before I delete the PI and re-install?

I experienced that the offset settings were not saved. Turned out they are probably saved but they are shown as “undefined” in Chrome - switching to Firefox browser and the settings are shown.