Day Night detection via variables

I am looking to create a meshbot to set variables (IsDay & IsNight) to use as a simple trigger for other bots. I am not sure why, but this logic seems to follow sunset (which is fine) but it is exactly an hour off. I have the unit TZ set properly (GMt-6) but I wonder if Daylight Savings is causing this 1 hour error.

Is there something else that I could have fat fingered? Here is the bot

Hi @BillC
your meshbot and configuration seems true. So lets check the logs about this meshbot running. It may be the daylight savings. @SaraV can you help pls.

Weren’t Ezlo going to add some standard inbuilt day or night mechanism?

Like the Day or Night plugin we had on the Vera hubs.

Or in Lua code we could use luup.is_night()

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It is in our queue. We will announce when we complete it.

Hello @BillC,

We will set the controller to DEBUG log level and gather some logs. Is it ok if we run the meshbot a couple of times?

Absolutely. Do what you need to

Did you guys find anything amiss in my day/night experiment? It’s still off by an hour

@Alvaro_Ochoa check the controller location and timezone again pls

I created some test Meshbots to identify the scheduled scene execution times and it looks like there is an inconsistency compared to the actual sunset/sunrise times.





We changed the timezone for testing purposes but the controller went offline middle test. Could you please power cycle it?

It’s back on line

The issue should be resolved now. Could you please check and let us know?


Ok. I’ll watch it and see when it triggers

I had tried to set up a notification when the sunset trigger you added fired, but it wouldn’t save at the time, so I don’t know if it worked

Still an hour off :slightly_frowning_face: