Day and Night LoadLevelLast multiple devices

I have found a few topics similar, but can’t seem to find the answer… apologies in advance if I missed it.

My goal is to have several dimmable lights around the house have a sort of day setting and night setting. Currently, I’m accomplishing this by pulling them into some scenes and then turn them on to 30% or 75% and then just turn them back off 30 seconds later. It works, but I don’t like to have the light turned off it was already on, or just seems kinda dumb to turn a light on just to turn it off for a reset purpose. I’ve tried to set the variable loadlevellast in PLEG and it seems to update that field on the device, but the actual manual turning on of the device doesn’t reflect the ‘new’ number, so I’m obviously missing something there.


The LoadLevelLast variable is a Vera internal variable that it uses when it gets SwitchPower1/SetTarget with newTargetValue = 1 (binary switch turn on, without specifying load level). It is not a device parameter and is not sent to the device–the device might not even have such a capability. So manual on at the switch would not be affected by it.

Does that mean that I’m stuck with have the light physically turn on, at the desired level, for the device to have that lower/higher level reflected when turned on manually after?

Sorry, I can’t parse what you’re asking. If you are asking, can you preset the load level at which a light will turn on when turned on manually, the answer is no, not unless the light natively supports that behavior, which is usually done via ZWave configuration, and has nothing to do with LoadLevelLast.

Yep, that’s what I’m asking - thanks RP! I’ll just create a reactor sensor that matches condition for time of day (morning/night) and then if currently light on, dim it (or raise it), and if light currently off then dim it (or raise it) and then turn it off a couple seconds later. Just trying to see if there was a way to do it with less config steps / activities.