Date/time and HSM100 problems

I am trying to get a work around to a problem with the date/time service. From the documentation that I have read and experienced the date & time is lost once the unit it unplugged and re-established once power and the Internet are connected. I intended to use Vera at my seasonal cottage where there is no Internet. I found that all my timers and sun up/down settings don’t work because the time is incorrect. Is there any way to manually set the date & time? If not can this be built into the UI?

I am also having problems with my HomeSeer HSM100. I built a scene for the motion sensor that should turn on a Leviton portable switch. I can’t get the motion sensor to control the plug. In the dashboard I can click on Go and the plug will turn on and off correctly but I can’t get the motion sensor to do this. Here are some of my test settings: (I don’t care about battery life)

Under the Express_Controls_EZ_Motion section:
Wake up interval = 0 (just for testing)
Poll this node at most once every 5 sec.
Let Vera manage the associations is selected.

Motion Detector section:
Idle timeout = 5 sec.
Wakeup interval (seconds): 0
Poll this node at most once every 2 seconds.

Event type: A sensor door/window/motion
What device = Motion Detector
A sensor is tripped.

Light switch on wait 15 sec. then off.

I did wait the 10 minutes after pressing the blue reset button on the motion detector. It does indicate by the red LED that it detects motion. I even tried to arm the sensor but that did not work. I found that the arm indicator (left of the arm button) stayed red, it never changes colour no matter if Arm or Disarm was selected. I also did a scene using the light sensor with the same results.

Does anyone see anything that I’m doing wrong.

to manually set the date/time, telnet or ssh to vera’s ip, and run the command date. Type date --help for details.

There is an issue with the older HSM100’s that used a different command class. We’ll posted an updated firmware tomorrow. If it still doesn’t work, ping me by IM.

BTW, I think the HSM100 will fail to set the wakeup time if the interval is < 360 seconds. See the notes in the wiki: