date and time setting problem

My Vera lite (newest firmware) does not display the correct tima and date. Sysytem has been set up a few days ago, but i am still in 1970… ??? I have set the correct time zone, and it is connected to the intyernet as i can remotely access it without any problems. I cannot find anywhere to correct the time and date, from what i have read it is supposed to automatically adjust time and date, but after 4 days it still hasnt done that. Is there any way to correct it ?

Please review this thread:

thanks, will give that a try

How can you just set the date and time?

There is no option to manually set date and time in UI5. Instead, you must set your location correctly at Setup → Location, then Vera gets the time via the internet.

If no internet access is available and you must manually set the time, you will need to do an SSH session to the Vera and set it via the Linux command line using the date command or similar command.