DataYours - Version Log

Release 8

The latest release of DataYours is now available from the App Store and also from GitHub at GitHub - akbooer/DataYours: Pure Lua implementation of the Graphite / Carbon Whisper database system

[ul][li]includes all the previous incremental functional enhancements: energy monitoring, system monitoring, re-write rules, …[/li]
[li]is data compatible with the previous release[/li]
[li]does not create separate child devices for each activated daemon (uses even less memory)[/li]
[li]allows relocation of configuration files - used to be in /www/ and often overwritten with firmware updates[/li]
[li]registers with AltUI (if installed) as a local Data Storage Provider (see details here,35966.msg266380.html#msg266380)[/li][/ul]

Latest documentation attached.

Development Branch - 2016 Release 10.4

[ul][li]added Apache 2.0 license[/li]
[li]GraphiteAPI and Finders - see Graphite-API documentation — Graphite-API 1.1.3 documentation (re-written in Lua)[/li]
[li]Grafana support infrastructure[/li]
[li]increased legend limit from 5 to 10 (thanks @d55m14)[/li]
[li]minor bug fixes[/li][/ul]

To be migrated to the master branch if no bad things happen.