DataYours: exporting data to a spreadsheet

dear people

i am starting work with pulgin on datayours plus on vera plus. i follow the manual setup.

Version 2016.01.04
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StartTime - Wed Mar 27 15:34:00 2019
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DisplayLine1 - Graph Cache Dash Watch Mine

[string “-------------------------------------------…”]:94: cannot open /nas/whisper/: No such file or directory

DAEMONS - Watch Cache Graph Dash Mine
CONFIG_DIR - /www/
DATAMINE_DIR - /dataMine/
LOCAL_DATA_DIR /nas/whisper/
ICON_PATH /cmh/skins/default/img/devices/device_states/
AppMemoryUsed - 779

and appear this error msn
[string “-------------------------------------------…”]:94: cannot open /nas/whisper/: No such file or directory

i would like to know if there is anybody to help me


Hello, welcome to the forum!

Perhaps you could expand a little on what you’re wanting to achieve with DataYours? There are other ways to store and plot data as well, so you need to be using the most appropriate.

The configuration example assumes an external NAS drive already mounted on Vera. If you haven’t done that, then it won’t find the drive. File storage space on Vera is severely limited, so external drives (NAS or USB stick) are recommended for large amounts of data.

There are post around the forum which tell you more on that. A search should find them, but ask again if not.



thanks a lot for answer. my target it is export temperarures and humididy values to excell.
so tell em which is the best solution to it

thanks in a advanve

“best” solution depends both on your level of skill and also on a more detailed specification of needs: how often to sample, how long to archive, how many sensors, …?

DataYours can export data in CSV format, so that would be easy to get into a spreadsheet. If you’ve managed to sort out your database location, then you’re nearly there.

EventWatcher can generate plain text log files, but they would have to be parsed to extract the data.

If you were to use the AltUI plugin, then you could export to a variety of databases: InfluxDB, etc…

Perhaps others can suggest alternatives too.

i think the best solution to me will be datayours and export CSV files.
the problem is when i tried configure it on my vera, it did not work :frowning: , as you can above
as i told you i have there a USB pen drive to collect logs to datamine.

so could you tell me where i can found the rigth configuration when i have there a USB stick?


Really?!! I missed that completely!

I used to share a USB between dataMine and DataYours. Just create a folder there and make the DataYours variable LOCAL_DATA_DIR. Don’t forget to put the .conf files there. Restart and you should be in business.

PS: this discussion should really be in a separate thread. I’ll just have to work out how to do that in this new forum.