Datayours Configuration on OpenLuup using Chrome odd issues

Clicking on Datawatch, datacache, datagraph and datadash doesnt actually do anything using the Chrome browser, if you open a console log on chrome the buttons then work but you get errors in the console, they are all about the location of icons but on my machine I donre have the directories listed


on Firefox it doesnt even try and load the icons and it works fine - I cant find the icons on my system at all (openLuup)

DataYours has a variable ICON_PATH which is set, by default, to the path that you show. Under openLuup, that directory does not, by default, exist, but the icons should be in /etc/cmh-ludl/icons/.

well they werent on my machine anywhere - so I went to [url=][/url] and downloaded them (had to open and save image as - gave me an error when I tried to download them any other way)

Changed the path in the variable and put them on the path but no luck

Looking at the console in chrome - it dosent appear to be using port 3480 and get connection refused rather than not found



edit: I didnt even have the datayours icon locally - looking in your datayours.json - that icon was being pulled from your Github I think

edit2 Line 1106 datadash.lua adding a couple of lines above and line under this line - icons load ok - see attachment - works fine in FFox but chrome still needs developer tools/console open - but doesnt show any erroes

local tempIp = myIP

  local content = {img = {src = table.concat {"http://", myIP, icon_path, name, ".png"}, alt = name}}



1106   local content = {img = {src = table.concat {"http://", myIP.."3480", icon_path, name, ".png"}, alt = name}}

solves the Icon issue in both Firefox and chrome and the 4 screens open fine in Firefox but not without developer console in chrome

Is there any reason you can’t put “:3480/icons/” into the ICON_PATH parameter and not edit the source file?

dunno will try - took me a little while to fine where it loaded it :smiley:

as a workaround - Yeah that works - at least for Firefox - chrome still wont open the datawatcher… datacache… pages without the development console open ;D