Datayours config fits!

I thought I jumped my big hurdle in mounting my cifs for DY operation. And yes, it’s up as per my previous post.

But now I am doing what should be basic things to actually get DY to write something to my mount folder. This stems from the DY docs that leave me a bit confused. It would be nice to see the actual DY variable screen and where we need to add the variable in setting this all up. I have been doing what I “think” the docs are saying, but it ain’t working. I only keep getting the error on the front of the DY plugin window…“[string “-------------------------------------------…”]:94: cannot open / No such file or directory”.

At this point I have the following variable data I used…

DAEMONS Watcher, Cache, Graph, Dash
CONFIG_DIR / This is my actual nas folder location which is mounted and appears fine doing a df command
DESTINATIONS / Don’t even know what this variable is but I assume it is where DY data should be going to
LOCAL_DATA_DIR / Same as above, but what is LOCAL? My LAN, my Vera. No clue to me.
VERAS This one I get.

Above is ALL I did in DY. But it’s not working. Rebooted 5 times, DY has not added any other devices to my dashboard. My folder share is mounted and inside I also have the 2 schema config files there. I can do the http dashboard request and the DY Ui is there. I can see my devices. But it will not write any aggregates to my Whisper folder. If I try, I get… Error creating: Vera-50106084.039.urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:SecuritySensor1.Tripped
Status messsage = [string “module (“L_DataWhisper”, package.seeall)…”]:658: Cannot create file ‘%s’

Since DY setup can’t find my Folder Whisper, I can see why I cannot create an aggregate.

I used DY on my Vera 3 and now on the VeraPlus everything seems a pain. If I actually understood what DY was needing I could figure it out. But at this point some direction would be appreciated. Spend hours trying to get this up.

When you say it’s mounted, mounted on vera or what?

If it’s mounted I’d suggest referring to it as an absolute path e.g. /root/mountpoint/Whisper.

Give me the output of df and I may be able to help


Just looking at mine as well

CONFIG_DIR is /www/
I suggest you check that /www/ has the Datawatcher.conf and Datadash.conf files in it. There seems to be no benefit to changing that setting.
My LOCAL_DATA_DIR = /DataYours/
Which is where my whisper files are.

I don’t have storage problem as I extrooted on a 64G SSD