dataMine progress

I just thought I’d write a short update on dataMine progress… I think I’ve mentioned in a couple of posts that I’ve been fighting with the java libraries that I’ve been using, and this has stopped me adding the functionality that I wanted. So… unfortunately I’ve had to move to a different library and port the dataMine GUI over, but this is now largely done, and I’m pretty happy with the result (so far). There are a few changes from the existing GUI - nothing too major, but each library has it’s good and bad points (the new ones good points is it does work properly!).

I’ve attached an image of the new GUI, and I hope to have a version ready to release this week (or maybe next weekend as I may have to travel for work this week).

The new version is broadly the same as the old, but it will have the following extra features -:

[ul][li]Configuration done in the GUI rather than in the Vera UI. This supports (or will support) additional configuration options to support more functionality in dataMine.[/li]
[li]You can save an recall graphs. There will also be the ability to reference a page directly to just get a graph without the GUI. This should allow graphs to be provided in (for example) SQ Remote (as suggested by someone previously).[/li]
[li]Variables can be given a type, and then sorted on this data type.[/li][/ul]

These additions are reasonably small, but the change in framework will allow me to add other options without fear that the framework will stop them working (hopefully!).



This looks excellent. Thank you for all the great work.

Great news Chris and thank you for the hard work. This is definitely a nice feature to have in Vera! Looking forward to trying out the new version.

  • Garrett