dataMine directory on Vera? Should I have one?


Please can someone let me know if I should have a dataMine directory on Vera?

root@MiOS_12345678:/# ls bin etc mios overlay rom sbin tmp var dev lib mnt proc root sys usr www

If I do, what should be in it?

Many thanks…

Look in /www

Yes - in the root directory there should be a “dataMine” directory - under that directory is datamine’s saved data on the USB stick. Under the “www” there should be a “dm” directory. I just updated my firmware to 1.5.622 and it kindly removed the “dataMine” directory but fortunately not the contents of the USB stick itself. Recreating the “dataMine” directory with WinSCP restored all the lost functionality after a couple of restarts.

Thanks guys, so what exactly should be in that directory? I’ve tried to remove and reinstall dataMine but that directory does not get recreated?

Best to continue this with Chris in the dataMine thread - however under the dataMine directory are all the directories the program automatically creates. If you don’t have any then that’s a problem - possibly with the USB stick mounting. Check datamine’s own log page.

@A-lurker please could you share what’s in yours from the command line -# ls

I appreciate it will be slightly different but it’ll help me get a feel of what’s needed.

@Chris seems to be working on other things now, so self and community support is required at the moment…

From root:

bin dataMine dev etc lib mios mnt overlay proc rom root sbin sys tmp usr var www

Then in the dataMine directory - and that all this stuff is located on the USB stick:

History <-- this directory is empty in my set up Notifications [R2280].txt <-- one for every week recorded dataMineConfig.json <-- config file dataMineConfig.json.Fri Sep 13 18-30-15 2013.backup <-- there can be a few of these database <-- the directory that contains all the recorded data sunriseSunset.txt <-- holds all the sun set/rise times

Then in the “database” directory - there are numbered directories - one for each channel (ie the Vera variables) being recorded. Every one of these then has the subdirectory: “raw”. There are no files under the channel numbered directories - just the “raw” directory.

/dataMine/database$ ls 1 2 <-- no files under here or any of the other channel directories - only a "raw" subdirectory is to be found 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Here is the data stored in the /dataMine/database/xvy/raw" directory. Each file is a week worths of data. The file name is the numbers of weeks since the UNIX epoch.

/dataMine/database/1/raw$ ls 2242.txt 2243.txt 2244.txt 2245.txt 2246.txt 2247.txt 2248.txt 2249.txt 2250.txt 2251.txt 2252.txt 2253.txt 2254.txt 2255.txt 2256.txt 2257.txt 2258.txt 2259.txt 2260.txt 2261.txt 2262.txt 2263.txt 2264.txt 2265.txt 2266.txt 2267.txt 2268.txt 2269.txt 2270.txt 2271.txt 2272.txt 2273.txt 2274.txt 2275.txt 2276.txt 2277.txt 2278.txt 2279.txt 2280.txt