DataMine 2 - Web App/GUI doesn't load

Something has gone wrong with my Datamine plugin.

When i open the webapp from UI7 or AltUI it opens a new window and keeps loading forever.

Loading dataMine web application for Vera

GUI Version: —

LUA Version: —

DM itself seems to keep going in the background, i can open graphs on my phone with ImperiHome app…

Using a VeraEdge with latest firmware and i have tried differn’t browsers: Firefox, Chrome and Edge.

I have the exact same issue.
Started around the 18th. Had also a error message in Vera about that it could not download all plugins. And it seemed to be write protected or something because it was not possible to change config, erase plugins or devices and change some devices status.

Have now reverted back to a backup from two weeks ago. A lot of work re-adding the devices that didn’t work after that and make all config again. Now everything is working again except DataMine GUI. I can see that it still logg new data on the USB-memory.

Anyone who have a tip about this?
Would really like to get DM gui working again without losing my collected data.