Datamine 2 Not Loading

Hello All -

I’m having an issue where my DM URL won’t load. It starts to load (see attached) but it just clocks.

Any pointers?

Can’t say for sure, as the error message is somewhat different from what I got, but in my case it was corrupted data on the usb.
dataMineConfig.json was just a load of nonsense, as was the last four backups.
Luckily the fifth backup was OK, so I replaced dataMineConfig with that one.

In addition the last four raw data files was corrupted for all devices.
For me that meant all txt files named 2529 to 2532. So I deleted these for all devices in the database folder.

I’ll also mention that I took out the USB stick and put it in my pc, upon which it asked me if it should “scan and fix” and I accepted.
Dunno if that mattered or not tbh…

Apologies for not responding sooner… The cause was fairly simple (and common). The fix is taking awhile, however. Ran out of space in the ?overlay? filesystem.

I?ve had to delete AltUI and a few plugins but I?m making headway. Hope to get Alt back on there.

Thanks for responding!