Datamine 2.0 with CIFS to NAS: Safe to update firmware Vera Edge?

I have a Vera Edge running only 3 plugins RFXtrx, Smartmeter and Datamine2 with a very limited number of devices.
Datamine 2 data are saved on my NAS (CIFS share).
This Edge still runs on fw 1.7.2607
I want to update it to the latest fw 1.7.5185
Question: will Datamine 2 including the CIFS share to my NAS survice this update or will it break things ?
Who is running Datamine 2.0 on latest firmware ?

I’m running datamine on fw 7.32 beta.

No problems when updating, but I’ll do a backup and be prepared to install it again, just in case.

Thanks for your quick reply! I Always make back ups before I upgrade.