Data Logging

I’m try to see the logs for my Vera Plus, but they only go back for a few
hours is ther away to see them from say yesterday? I have looked at datamine but it needs a USB and I have a Rfxtx plugged into my usb on vera

If you use a powered USB hub you can connect multiple devices to the Vera. I have two RFXtrx and an SSD connected to my Vera Plus.
I believe there are ways to allow the Vera Log to be larger but you’ll probably want to connect an SSD or at least a flash drive before you do that.

ok thanks, any other options for seeing the log back further than a few hours, thanks

What are you actually interested in seeing/recording? There is a lot of dross in the logs that really isn’t interesting.

Some of my hue lights are switching off, last night at 01:09 and I’m trying to figure out what is happening :wink: