Dashboard Updates 0.9.1

Hi everyone,

Release notes for the version 0.9.1

Our main focus this week was to improve the tile creation experience.

-Now the tiles are made of fixed size cells instead of fluid ones which can be changed from the Cell Size property. (You will still be able to use fluid cell sizes with the later updates.)
This way what you see while designing is what you get when you add your tile to your dashboard.

-The main difference fixed cell sizes cause is when you increase/decrease row/column counts. With the current changes, when you add a row/column to your tile, the tile will expand according to the cell sizes. So your tile will get bigger/smaller according to the cell size.

-You can see the size of the 3x3 tile made up of 60px cells add the bottom.(Currently this value does not include margin and border sizes, these will be added with the future updates.)

-You can zoom out/in to your design from the bottom right, and enable grid view from the bottom left grid icon.



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