Danfoss Living Connect - Wake Up & Polling Times ??


After a failure of one of my LC TVRs (fw2.51) I’ve just re added it and noticed that the Wake Up was set to 900 and the Polling to 0 (never).

Looking at another one I have which is (fw2.06) it has a wake up of 900, but a poll setting of 10800.
The system Monitor app reports multiple poll failures to the one running fw2.06.

Unless I’m mistaken - It suggests that the fw2.51 Danfoss units are never polled, plus I’ve read advice that suggests Poll times should always be lower than the Wake Up?

Please could people share the wake up and poll settings they have for the living connects they have by firmware

Fw 2.51. = Wake up = 900 - Poll = 0
Fw 2.06. = Wake up = 900 - Poll = 10800

I have 12, most are 2.50 and a couple 2.51. All have 10800 polling. The Wakeup is set to either 900 or less in some cases. I have converted some of mine to run on an external supply, these, I have set to shorter wakeup. If I remember correctly I had some trouble when I installed mine. I did not always get the same settings for wakeup by default. I had to reconfigure them sometimes to get the right setup.