DakBoard and Fully Kiosk.. Anyone using them?

These can be set up to overlay ImperiHome I believe… DakBoard provides a photo screen saver and access to your calendar and weather whereas Fully Kiosk only allows those with the PIN for it to change any settings on any apps loaded by Fully Kiosk. I’m looking into these to lock down my tablets to single functions where only I can access any other apps on the tablet besides ImperiHome

Anyone have experience with these? Thanks!

I found this here BTW but it is for Action Tiles and Smart Things. Should be the same though?

Bringing up an old thread. But does anyone know how to have Dakboard poll Vera for the current House status and somehow display in on dakboard?

So far,I have utilize the house mode plugin, and by going to the link below, i was able to poll the current house status. But I am stuck on how to have Dakboard pull the result from the link and displaying it on the dakboard. Thanks in advance