Daily restrictions suddenly failing - Vera Plus & Weiser Smartcode 10 / Kwikset 914

I have been sucessfully using daily time restrictions with several of these locks with two different Vera Plus controllers for years. Suddenly today it seems nothing working.

I have tested at least a dozen times with different codes, intervals, etc.

If you setup a code with restriction and then try to entered outside of the allowd time window it will behave like an incorrect PIN at the door as expected; but curiously it will register a sucessful unlock (?!) at the controller; not PIN “entered outside of valid date range” which it used to.

Inside of the time windows it will undesireably behave like an incorrect PIN at the door; but again it will register a sucessful unlock (?!) in the controller logs.

If you try a code without restriction, and test, it works fine. If you add a restriction, it will stop working completely (even inside a valid window) at the door - basically it behaves the same as an “unused” one.

Time on the lock seems OK from the variables but I don’t know if those are properly read back from lock.

I am suspicious something might have been broken in the restriction code when it was altered about a year ago. However it is strange that restrictions still seemed to work up until very recently.

So is this just me? This seems to be occuring on both my controllers.

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