Cybrmage - we miss you!

According to his profile, his last post was in February, and last login over 3 months ago. In April '16 he told us here he had a very serious heart attack and was out of commision for a while recovering. I sure hope for him and family that he is still with us and will be back soon. Such an extremely talented and helpful developer that is sorely missed.

Well, this is interesting… Got a new Vera Plus and am installing Wink Connect from the UI7/Vera apps repository and see that it is version 0.26 - Updated:2017-07-05 23:09:48!

The top post here from Cybrmage shows the latest is v .024 (Jan '17). Strange that post hasn’t been updated, but is it possible someone else updated the UI7 Wink plugin?

I also tried to check the latest version of Wink Connect on UI5 and it appears to have been removed from the Vera UI5 apps store.

I miss cybrmage too.
He also updated his ECO Switch (now named WiFi UDP Switch Controller) about the same time.
I PMed him a couple of weeks ago about some changes I wanted to make to it but haven’t heard back from him. Hope he and his are OK.

stickied, until further notice 8)

Hey Cybrmage - We’re sure glad to see you back after your 7 month sabbatical! :smiley: And many thanks for the updates - it sure is reassuring that this code is being supported again.