customer service vera2 help

How do I get in touch with Customer service? I am having trouble with my zwave light not lighting up on my new vera 2. No help in the forum. No response to my service ticket. No answer on the customer service number that is not even a 800 number. I am stuck and need help.

Have you tried to reload a backup? If you don’t have one then grab the last one or some previous ones from

Hi schneider5

If you can be more specific perhaps we can help…

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Try tapping the black button on the back of Vera.


If you mean Have I hit the reset button? Yes I have. I had just gotten some of devices paired with the vera. I was moving the devices into rooms. I had named a section and wanted to change the name of the section. I believe the flag popped up and said are you sure you want to delete this section. I this I hit no. But even if I hit yes what happened was all the devices disappeared. I tried to log back on to the dashboard. It won’t let me. It says server busy and can’t load data. Which would be ok if I had just deleted all my devises, but the vera won’t reboot. Just the power light and the ETHER 1 will light. No wifi or zwave light. I have unplugged everything, I have used the reset button. I have used the battery pack to check that there wasn’t a wire problem. Nothing.


Can you ping it? If not then try a JOD special:

Or maybe trying to get get it back to defualts and trying this form the wiki: