Current Playing song

@rigpapa, i was looking through the variables in the advanced tab and there doesn’t seem to be any for the current playing song in either the app device or the individual sonos devices. is there a way to get the info of the song that is playing?

Remember that UI7 is rubbish at showing you the truthful current value of state variables in the Variables tab. Which is to say, it doesn’t (show current, up-to-date values). So if you start from a “cold” zone player (playing nothing) and set something playing, and then go examine the variables list, it would be my expectation that the related variables still show blank. In order to see the current value of a state variable, you have to click its “Edit” link–UI7 then brings up the real current value in the editor.

Another way to see what variables are changing is the Device Spy in the Tools tab of any ReactorSensor.

But probably CurrentTitle is close to what you are looking for. There’s a set of variables that changes, but their values are dependent on media type, so they may or may not be set for all media types, and may or may not be what you expect for certain media types. You’re just going to have to play with it.