Current Ezlo Wishlist

I felt like posting my current wishlist for Ezlo devices. Some of these may already exist, and I just don’t know about them. Others may never happen. It’s all good, this is just a wishlist! In no particular order:

  • 100% local web UI
    • I would like to see every aspect of the hub, excluding cloud integrations that obviously must access the internet, run locally, including a configuration UI that I can access locally from my desktop machines on the same network.
    • Sadly, this one seems unlikely to happen, as I have been told that my “requirement of a Local only configuration using a local web browser is “not a normal user”” and that people “don’t mind internet access for occasional configurations” Oh well. I’ll get used to having to go to a remote website to configure/control my local device…eventually. :slight_smile: It just kinda rubs me the wrong way :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Advanced thermostat/etc scheduling
    • In a different system I had, a weekly calendar was displayed, and I was able to simply add events to this calendar to easily set time ranges that the thermostat would be set to certain temperatures. You can do this with the current scene options, by making a separate scene for each temperature you want to set the thermostat to, but it is somewhat kludgier, in my opinion.
    • Also nice would be the ability to set the temperature to a different setting when away (I believe house modes would work for this currently), and then have it set back to whatever it was before upon returning. At the moment I think the best that could be accomplished would be setting it to some specific setting upon returning, rather than whatever the previous setting was.
  • Insteon integration
    • Would be via an external power line modem, a-la the altsteon client/server on vera.
    • My current setup has the power line modem and the altsteon server on a separate device, while the plugin on my vera communicates with it. Works pretty well, actually.
  • Apple home kit integration
  • Scene templates/classes
    • I have a number of devices that have very similar scenes. For example, my various “occupancy sensor” lights that all work the same way, but are triggered by different sensors and control different devices. It would be nice to be able to set up a template scene with all the logic in place already, such that I can just specify “this sensor and this light” and be done.
  • Voice announcements via Alexa/Google Home
    • When something happens, have Alexa announce it with a custom announcement.
  • Virtual devices (switches, timers, etc)
    • I believe this is already a possibility via the API, but it would be nice for it to be exposed
    • Use case (virtual timer): occupancy sensor. When motion sensor stops detecting motion, set a timer. If motion is detected again before timer fires, cancel the timer. When timer expires, turn off the light.
    • Use case 2 (virtual switch): Override occupancy sensor when switch is active, so light does not turn off when timer expires
  • Conditional scene execution
    • Use case: Turn on the living room light and some other things when motion is detected in the morning (i.e. when the first person gets up), but only once, and only in the morning. This could be accomplished with a virtual switch (see previous wishlist item) that is set when the scene runs, and reset by a scheduled scene just prior to when people get up. The “morning” scene would then only run if the virtual switch is NOT set.

At the moment, that’s all I can think of. Many of the above are already possible using my Vera, some in combination with the excellent reactor plugin (which is available for Ezlo as well), but I would love to see these integrated natively into Ezlo devices :slight_smile:

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