CT100 not showing current temperature

I am in the process of setting up 2 CT100 thermostats at my second home. I am am trying to create a trigger to alert me if the temperature drops below a certain point. For some reason the ambient temperature is not updating on my Vera lite and therefore my trigger is useless.

Has anyone else run into this issue?

Yes, I had that problem too. The problem is caused by the fact that Vera doesn’t discover all the features of the CT100 all at once when you first add it. The Vera works on discovering the features over time. To date, I’ve installed ten 2gig CT100 thermostats and I have seen it take anywhere from 5 minutes to 4 hours until the Vera finally discovers all the features of the CT100 and starts displaying the current temperature in the Vera interface.

I was going to post a new thread on something very similar. I have but one CT100 and after resetting it, unpairing and repairing, deleting and re-adding, letting it “sit” for many hours and even just leaving it alone for days I still have the following issue:

Commands from the CT100 itself, like changing the temperature or setting the Heat/Cool/Auto modes work fine and are reported correctly if not instantly by the VeraPlus I have. However, if I try and set values from the VeraPlus app or from the web page via computer it shows that I’ve done so in the VeraPlus, but not on the CT100 itself. I have even watched the CT100 display after setting values in the VeraPlus to see the radio tower blinking communication icon and it blinks to show communication but never seems to implement the change.

In summary, the CT100 updates the VeraPlus just fine, but not the other way around.

Anyone see this behavior and happen to have a fix?