CT-100 Plus on VeraPlus ghost child device

I just upgraded my thermostat to a RT CT-100 Plus on my VeraPlus. It created the thermostat device plus 2 child devices. The first child device (Humidity Sensor) is functioning correctly. The second child device (also auto created as a humidity sensor) is non-functional. If I look at the variables of the non-functional child device, it has a variable CurrentTemperature which is populating, and capabilities “211,156,1,4,33,0,L,R,B,RS,|49,89,94,133,”. So, it appears to me that this child device is not a humidity sensor, but a temperature sensor. Should I just change the device_file and device_json to D_TemperatureSensor1.xml and D_TemperatureSensor1.json?

Yes if you do that it will change the device type to a Temp sensor.

device_type = urn:schemas-micasaverde-com:device:TemperatureSensor:1
device_file = D_TemperatureSensor1.xml
device_json = D_TemperatureSensor1.json

You could also hide that particular child device completely if you wanted.

How do I hide the child device?

You could put this in your startup LUA so that it hides the devices also after a reboot:
Go to APPS > Develop APPS > Edit Startup Lua

luup.attr_set(“invisible”, 1, DEV_ID1)

Where DEV_ID1 is the device ID number of the Child device.

So if the device ID is 202 you would add

luup.attr_set(“invisible”, 1, 202)

If you set it to 0 instead of 1 the device will appear again. Or you can just remove that code from the Startup LUA.

Thanks for the guidance. I was able to get the ghost device reconfigured as a temperature sensor and it is now operating and reporting correctly.

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