Critical Need: X-10 Preset Dim

Hi there. I have been testing X-10 on Vera with the 2412U. While there is an option for adding “Dimmable Light” X-10 device, the SetTargetDim is not “X-10”. SetTargetDim seems more like a Z-Wave type of setting. I believe this because the xml shows a valid setting of 1-100, and X-10 only allows DIM settings from 0-31. Even using the diming slider in Vera for the device, or clicking on 25%, 50%, 75% doesn’t work (it just results in turning off the light).

Being able to DIM a X-10 light is pretty critical. Not only do we need the ability to change the DIM level while using a light, but we also need to be able to turn on a X-10 device at a pre-set DIM level. This is absolutely critical. Especially in the area of X-10 lighting scenes (see attached graphic). To explain this, in some of the higher end lighting systems you set a group of lights to the same X-10 address. Then what you do create a scene you set dim levels and assign these to DIM level 18, 19, 20, 21 (scene A,B,C,D). When a controller tells device C1 to turn on to pre-set dim level 18, it turns on several light switches to whatever you set the dim at for #17. In this example the front lights could be at 80% and the back lights at 20%. Hopefully this makes sense.

Anyway, it would be grate to get feedback from micasaverde on their thoughts on this.

Thank You