Credentials Vanished - No Devices For This Account Error?

Without warning my two iPhoneLocator app devices are now giving me the error “no devices for this account, check network/credentials”. Checking my devices list for both instances of the plugin for my iPhone and my wife’s, our iOS devices list is empty, and refreshing using our iCloud login/passwords won’t repopulate the list or find our devices. I am definitely entering the right credentials.

I tried creating a new device using the plugin and I still experience the same issue. I’m using the most current version of the plugin (2.48) and it doesn’t appear that there’s any update.

Anyone else experiencing this issue? Any ideas?? iPhoneLocator app is tied into my PLEG which operates my present/away states and is a major detriment to my home automation scenes while non-functional :frowning:

UPDATE: Now I’m seeing “Error executing function iphone_Settings(): undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘name.split’)” message when trying to go into the settings option for any of the created plugin devices.

Is everyone else’s instances of their iphonelocator app plugin working fine? I’d like to know if this is just me or not…

I appear to have exactly the same issue for both our iPhones :frowning:

Last update:
2019-08-03 10:42
2019-08-03 11:26



Cf other thread , you need V2.50 from github
Apple changed some certificate on 25/7 …

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Which thread? Sorry been a long day


V2.50 should fix it.

how do you update to 2.50
I am at 2.48 and it isnt working

Version is on github GitHub - amg0/IPhoneLocator: IPhone Locator plugin for Micasaverde VERA and openLuup , or wait for the approval of v2.50 on the app store

Thank you for the update
Somehow my home controller updated to 2.50 and it started working again

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