Creative security/ha scenes

I could post a page long rant on Lynx/Vera integration, but I know the forum has heard it all before. I?d like to take a different spin and harness the creative energy here.

I am looking for scene ideas. I have a Lynx 5100 that can trigger off open/close and motion security sensors and deliver a 1 step scene with no conditions to switches, appliance modules, thermostats, and door locks. From there, Vera can discover state change and execute remaining steps. Note, no conditions. Motion triggered lights cannot be dimmed according to time of day, etc.

I know state change is not an elegant way to integrate (understatement) but there is nothing else to work with. Unfortunately, regardless of which platform is at fault, Vera cannot detect when the Lynx has executed a scene on the network. I actually experimented with treating appliance modules like jumpers and having the Lynx flip them on/off in a pattern that the Vera could discover and run a scene, then reset the devices. It worked OK as long as timing was not a factor.

I have some basics like entry lights, and because “off” happens minutes after “on”, the platforms can live together in relative harmony. This summer I will be experimenting with HVAC settings triggered by doors/windows being open.

Anyone want to share similar concepts they have working where “step 1” is a secondary controller driven by external sensors?