Creating Scenes

Happy Holidays,
Newbie and I got most everything up and running, but have to leave home were Veralite is installed for a few months. Since I have all the devices on my dashboard, can I then create scenes from my second home computer? I just did not have time to learn how to create scenes before I ran out of time to actually create the scenes. :cry: Also, just got the Vistacam HD in the mail, but then could not access the “install app” area to complete the download. Now I have a camera hooked up, but not on line.
Thanks for the help and sorry if this post is in the incorrect section.

First welcome to the community. Second this forum contains a lot of valuable information. I highly suggest you browse and search this forum. Third, you can create scenes remotely as long as Vera has access to the Internet and you can log into

  • Garrett