creating a scene to activate a scene?

I have a scene that trigger my dry contact for my gate and garage together but my garage isn’t triggering every time. What I’m thinking is to create 2 separate scenes and trigger them together. Any suggestion?

You can certainly setup multiple scenes that are all triggered by the same event(you don’t say what triggers/runs the scene).

I doubt your issue is the scene. If a single scene with two actions fires only one action, the issue is much more likely to be a coding error, if you used custom Lua code, or a communication failure when sending the command to the device. The latter is typically due to distance/interference or a routing issue.

It’s definitely not a distance issue because I can run a similar scene that would trigger the garage independently w/o ever having issue. Also, the garage device is actually mounted directly behind the wall less than 6ft away in the garage from the Vera while the one that operate the gate is about 40ft away.

Most of the time, when the scene is activated, it would work, I would say maybe 30% of the time it would fail to activate the garage.

My scene basically goes like this.

Arriving Home:
Manual Trigger - Garage = On, Gate = on, T-Stat = Heat on @68
Delay 1 second - Garage = Off, Gate = Off

that’s pretty much it.

Have you looked at the logs when the garage fails to work? If you have no code in your scene, then I doubt your issue is the scene itself.

Distance and routing issues can sometimes be subtle. Don’t be too sure.

If you want one scene to run another scene, use the following code in your primary scene(LUUP tab). Be sure to adjust the scene number as needed.

luup.call_action("urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:HomeAutomationGateway1", "RunScene", {SceneNum = "99"}, 0)

Create a second scene, should not be too much trouble. If it works correctly, then you know it is not a distance or radio issue.