Create virtual device. How to get callbacks

I have a virtual device (a motion sensor) and I can use the REST API to trigger it and to arm/disarm it, but if I try to arm/disarm it from the vera web interface, it wont arm. In the device Params, theres a field “ip” that from what I have gathered in the Luup Upnp variables and actions docco is meant to have the IP address and port of the device. I assume this is so events (like arm/disarm) can be sent to the device. The problem is theres no mention of the format (I ha tried “ip port”, “ip:port”, “ip,port”) an I cant see any traffic (using tcpdump).

Does anyone know fo to receive arm/disarm changes from a remote tcp device ?

Functionality like this requires a specific plugin for the device. This would take the given IP and port (format is ip:port) from the virtual device attribute, establish a connection at startup, translate Vera actions to remote calls, and handle incoming status changes.