Create User Pins using UI4

I’ve added a a primary (admin) user and a secondary user via the site
I’m trying to set a pin for Schlage Locks that I have for the secondary user and am following the guide at

It says to add the user in an empty slot and type in the pin. I don’t see any slots much less empty slots, am completely lost.
The only things I see are Manage Section, Manage Room, Add /Remove Device, Add Scene
Could any of you guys have a screenshot on where I’m supposed to be specifying user pins?
Also I was hoping that I set a pin for a specific user and its valid on all the locks in the house (front/back door). Do I need to do anything to assign the pins to each lock?

You should have a device named Schlage Door Lock.

If you click on the tool icon of that device, you should see the fields you are looking for.


You’ll see this after clicking on the wrench icon in UI4. Enter a name in the top box your pin number in the bottom one and click on the set button.

There is no special menu or other functionality to configure multiple locks (or, e.g., thermostat scheduling). It’s all on a per device basis, just as if you were manually configure user PINs, you have to do it per lock.