Create Sensor als creates "Reactor Internal HMT 1"?

For the last 2 sensors I have created, 2 devices have appeared in the device list - the new sensor, in this case “Reactor Sensor 8”, and another device called “Reactor Internal HMT 1”. The first time this happened, I deleted the “Internal HMT 1” sensor, and everything seemed OK.

What is this sensor? Should I be concerned, or just keep deleting them?


The “Reactor Internal HMT” sensor is used by Reactor in conjunction with House Mode conditions. Do not delete it. It will just keep recreating it.

OK, that explains it. I just started fooling around with the modes, these HMT devices started appearing at the same time.

On UI5, I created my own home and away modes, trying to decide whether to do that again, or use the canned modes. The canned ones seem a little complicated, I want something simple that I can refer to for my own triggers and actions.