Crash when adding trigger or actions to Meshbots


The MIOS app crashes whenever I try to add a trigger or an action. It does either of the three behaviours:

  1. Hard crash: “Something went wrong with MiOS” and back to phone home.
  2. Error displayed in the app: “Sorry, something unexpected happened, please try again later”
  3. Silent crash: Goes back to the “Meshbots” pane, show “Please wait … loading” for a minute, then display an empty page with “You have no meshbot defined”.

This happens when:

  1. I have a bunch of meshbots created from all three sources: ezlogic, Vera app, Mios app.
  2. Open an existing meshbot
  3. “Edit” on an existing trigger in ANY of the meshbots - Crash
  4. Add a trigger - Crash
  5. Add an action - Crash
  6. Create a new meshbot, do 4 or 5) - Crash.

I already cleared the cache, didn’t help. The app is up to date (

I’m getting very annoyed by the whole Ezlo stack, it’s been very unreliable, I’m tired of logging bugs all the time.

Also deleted all data and reinstalled the app, it’s still the same.

Hi @cfeval,

We’re already working on this and a report has been created on your behalf to have this addressed as soon as possible.

We do apologize for the inconvenients this may cause you and would like to encourage you to bear with us. Rest assured that we are committed to delivering on stability on all fronts.

In the meantime, please let us know if you have any issues performing these actions on Ezlogic? Please resort to Ezlogic for automations in the meantime since, atfer all, you will find more features and actions from there for more complete automations.

I can’t use Ezlogic for that. I want to trigger a meshbot when receiving a usercode from my 2gig keypad, but the corresponding event is not showing in ezlogic, only in mios (I also reported that bug. Given that it already took 6 months to make the 2gig keypad that you sell on your online shop with Ezlo altogether, I’m assuming it’s going to be another 6 months before the user code event shows up on ezlogic.

That’s good. Please do something about stability. To be honest it’s been my biggest frustration with Ezlo/Vera so far. Crashes are a daily thing, things keep failing on me. I have regrets to have gone with your brand 90% because of that.