cp.mios.com fails to connect to Vera UI4 behind pfSense 1.2 firewall

I have a vera configured as a switch connected to my LAN and wireless disabled and my firewall is a pfSense 1.2 box. I am unable to connect to my vera using cp.mios.com when I am remote - works just fine when I am on my LAN.

Are there any diagnostics and/or tests that I can run to get to the root cause for the issue?

Thanks in advance for the help.

Check that connections from Vera to mios servers are not expired
I had such a problem on UI2 when connection would expire but for some reason Vera wouldn’t renew it

Are you able to see the incoming connection attempt at your firewall?
Have you tried port forwarding?


How do I check for expired connections to the mios servers (I am able to log into my vera while I am remote for troublehsooting purposes)? And if the connections are expired, how do I renew/reset them and/or resolve the issue permanently?


Hi JOD - my understanding from reading other threads is that the Vera ssh’s to the mios servers so no port forwarding is necessary, presumably they ssh into the mios servers using keys to a tunnel for the inbound connection. I am new to the Vera so if this information is incorrect, please provide the ports that I need to forward.


I’m sure pfSense has a way to monitor connections. Restart Vera. wait for a minute, note tunnel connections to mios servers. Check if you can connect remotely, and then check pfSense if you still see mios tunnels alive. If not try to play with connection timeout

Ok, looks like you were correct and my connections were expired as you suggested. I rebooted it and I can connect remotely using both cp.mios.com and iVera.

Are you talking about connection timeouts on pfSense or the Vera/MIOS?

Thanks for the help so far - now to identify the root cause and remedy.

Conntrack - router expires TCP connections to keep it safe.

Just for the record – I had this exact same problem today. I was unable to access Vera remotely but had no problem locally. All accounts / passwords, etc… were up-to-date and correct.

After reading this post, I re-booted the Vera and, Voila, I was able to connect remotely again.

Attention MCV: There is clearly a bug that needs to be addressed here.

As a secondary question – is there a way to remotely re-boot the Vera using the UI or any other backdoor?


Ok, will check conntrack out.

Does anyone know what the “failsafe tunnels” option does under Advanced? I couldn’t find it in the mios docs but perhaps that prevents the ssh tunnels from expiring?